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The attentive customer is constantly discovering innovations in the bakery. Traditional recipes are taken up, modified, refined and further developed with new ingredients until a promising recipe is on the table. In the end, the customer decides on success. His palate determines the life cycle of a product.


Our selection of breads is large, you are welcome to choose between the following types:

  • white bread

  • Dark bread

  • Rose bread

  • sliced bread

  • Family bread



During our opening hours, we always offer our customers freshly prepared burek with the following fillings:

  • Minced meat

  • cheese

  • potatoes

  • Mushrooms


pita bread

For festivities we offer our customers pita with cheese filling:  

  • whole sheet

  • half a sheet


Bakery products

Our customers have the opportunity to choose from a large selection of baked goods:  

  • croissants

  • Berliner with raspberry or apricot filling

  • small loaves

  • other baked goods



Whether ready-made or self-made sandwiches. We offer our customers both. Gladly also warmed up.

  • Ham or raw ham with or without cheese

  • cheese

  • Spicy sausage


Festive bread (Slavska)

For festivities we offer our customers our beautifully designed breads:  

  • great Slavska

  • little Slavska

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