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Prnjavor is a city and municipality in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Around 18,000 people live in the city, and a good 38,000 in the municipality as a whole. 

The city is at an altitude of 175 meters above sea level. The Ukrina River flows through the Prnjavor municipality. The municipality also includes most of the Ljubić Mountain, after which the local football club, FK Ljubić, was named. 




Derventa is a city with about 25,000 inhabitants in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Before the war in Bosnia, Derventa was an industrial city that was partially destroyed. After the war, most of the factories did not start operating again. Large employers are missing, the cityscape is dominated by some renovated houses from the socialist era and newly built cafes and small businesses.


Banja Luka


Banja Luka is a city in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the seat of government of the Republika Srpska. The city is the seat of a Serbian Orthodox and Roman Catholic diocese and the University of Banja Luka. With around 185,000 inhabitants, Banja Luka is the most populous municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its second largest city.

Sights and recreation areas

Manastir Osovica

Gornja Lepenica and Seferovci, in the territory of the municipality of Srbac, in the Motajica mountain. The first mention of Osovica Monastery comes from 1330 and is preserved on the imprint of the monastery seal.

Osovica Monastery belongs to the Order of the Greatest Saints from the Republika Sprska.


Banja Kulaši

The Kulaši Spa was built next to the spring with very healing and unique highly alkaline sulphide - oligomineral hypothermal water from 27 - 28 ° C, which is bacteriologically completely sterile with constant quality and an incredibly high pH value of 11.75, and according to current information is is so widely known in Europe, in addition to this source,  only two others known, and an additional 4 in the world, which is a total of 6 thermal mineral water springs of similar quality!


Christ the Savior Cathedral

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is a Serbian Orthodox cathedral, Banja Luka. The cathedral is located in the city center not far from the town hall.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was rebuilt true to the original from 1993 to 2004 after the Serbian Orthodox Trinity Cathedral, which stood here before, was destroyed by the Croatian Ustaša fascists during World War II. It is the cathedral of the Banja Luka Eparchy, the Serbian Orthodox Church and is dedicated to Jesus Christ the Savior.

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